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Welcome to where you'll find some of the world's most unique wedding invitations with abaca fiber covers guaranteed to inspire awe. Brides from every continent, especially Filipinos, love our wedding invitations Philippines-style. 

Sample wedding invitation wording and Debut Invitation Wording (18th Birthday Invitation Wordings are provided for easy reference.

All of our designs are Handmade wedding invitations designed with natural fibers of abaca/raffia, and we use real seashells. Some of these designs take up to 2 hours per invitation to make. Our best sellers are Scroll wedding invitations, Pocket wedding invitations, Vest & Clover wedding Invitations and Envelope wedding Invitations. If you're planning a beach wedding, check out our real seashell Beach wedding invitations. If you're planning a debut party, see our debut invitations. And finally, give your guests a memory to take home with wedding souvenirs and giveaways.

You and your guests will surely love these invitations and souvenirs. Read our customer Reviews and Testimonials.

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